Earn money while recommending Moly to colleagues and friends.

What's this program about?

This is Moly referral program.

You'll get paid 30% of the subscription for every new user that starts using Moly!

So, start recommending Moly to colleagues and friends to start earning some passive income.

How do I get paid?

Just send us an email at referral@moly.ai with the (or a list of if there are many) Company or user email that you recommended Moly to and you will get paid 30% of their subscription every month from the time they start using Moly!

If you want to recommend Moly on your website and start referring people there, we can send you a referral link that you can post on your website, send us an email to referral@moly.ai to get a referral link.

How much can I get paid?

Select how many users are you planning to refer:

10 users

Get $105 each month!

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